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Stronger together. That's what we're going for.

With NEWCURB real estate agency we are focused on connecting people and real estate in the best possible way! We do this in the Hilversum, 't Gooi and surrounding areas. We have a personal approach, an entrepreneurial approach and look for the latest technological developments. This is to convey the story of each home even better.

In 2016, Amando Kuiper decided to set up an office that specializes in high-quality real estate in 't Gooi. This with clear core values: Personal, enterprising, people-oriented and innovative.

“Connecting people and real estate in the best possible way”

We originally started with an office in the rental and management of living space, from his father's mortgage and insurance office in Bussum. Over time, the step towards selling homes came naturally. We were increasingly asked by our clients whether we could also handle the sale of their own home with the same approach. With this we combine a large network with both local and international contacts in Hilversum and the surrounding major cities.

The name NEWCURB is derived from the American term Curb Appeal, an important indicator on international housing platforms whether a house is attractive the moment you walk onto the sidewalk. The first impression is often the most important!

Our real estate agency is affiliated with VBO, association of real estate agents and appraisers. An active trade organization with more than 1,400 involved entrepreneurs. To be a member of VBO, you as a real estate agent must have the correct papers, keep your knowledge up to date and of course be certified. Thanks to several knowledge meetings throughout the year and mandatory Continuing Education, we stay up-to-date with the real estate and housing market. So that we can offer our customers the quality and service they expect.

VBO members have a database with historical and current property information. This information ensures that a VBO broker can provide you with good advice and substantiate it. As a NEWCURB customer, you can also contact the independent Real Estate Disputes Committee (SGC) and the independent Real Estate Disciplinary Board Netherlands (TMCNL). In addition, VBO members are obliged to insure themselves against damage caused by professional errors.